Vision and requirements for a new public open science platform

In the recent years, I published several blog posts and papers about the future of scholarly publishing. I also posted over 14k tweets via @SciPubLab which were discussed and commented quite often very intensively. At over 80 conferences and workshops to which I have been invited as speaker or to attend the panel since 2013,…

Publizieren im Umbruch – Brauchen wir noch wissenschaftliche Zeitschriften?

Jahrzehntelang waren wissenschaftliche Fachzeitschriften der einzige Weg, neue Forschungsergebnisse zu kommunizieren. Daran hat sich vom Prinzip her bis heute nur sehr wenig geändert. Die überwiegende Mehrheit aller wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften funktioniert noch wie im Zeitalter, als es noch kein Internet, keine sozialen Netzwerke oder Crowd-basierte Wissensplattformen gab. Ist diese Form der Verbreitung von Forschungsergebnissen im 21. Jahrhundert überhaupt noch angemessen? Der Autor sagt: Nein.

Give the pioneers a chance – Open access and closing the reputational gap for early career scientists

Within the last few months I had the chance to talk to many researchers, young scientists, and students in different areas of science. I liked very much to talk to this specific audience as for example at the 25th European Students’ Conference 2014 in Berlin last Wednesday where I had been invited to organize an afternoon workshop about perspectives of scientific publishing with about 100 participants. – you may find the slides of my presentation here. It was terrific to spend almost three hours with so many students which were keen to find out more about the future development of scholarly communication.

Public Post-Publication Peer Review

In my recent posts I tried to summarize where we are coming from when talking about academic publishing today. Peer review is an important, if not the most important feature of publishing in science. We should therefore ask ourselves whether the present process of evaluating a new scientific work is still adequate today in terms of functionality, interactivity and speed.

The role of publishers – past, present and future

In my recent post I tried to summarize where we are coming from when talking about academic publishing today. However, the far more exciting question will be the following: where we are going and which challenges we will have to encounter in the next few years.